December 2012.
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What a wonderful year it has been. I have been to a lot of new art fairs. I met many new people and I have the website up and running! Let’s talk about the website. I have received a few emails with questions regarding the navigation. Use the bar at the top right side of the home page. Type in whatever you are looking for. If it is earrings in general just type “earrings” and all of the earrings currently on the website will show up. If you are interested in anything that has a maple leaf than type “maple”.

I have removed the items that have sold and have spent a couple days adding new pieces, particularly earrings and pendants. As the days go by I will continue adding some different items like barrettes and necklaces. So come back for those.

I will also be using the website to blog and keep you up on all new collections along with new show information and posts on everything new. Also this is your opportunity to make comments too. Look under “Archives” on the right side of the page. There you can click and read what’s new and read my sometimes wandering and infrequent comments. You will be able to write your thoughts as well. I will attempt to respond to all comments.

Have a wonderful holiday filled with joy and love. Peace.