So what do artists do after the holiday shows are over? For most of us it is time to explore new ideas and to create new work. Most importantly, we create new pieces to have photographed by a professional who specifically does “jury shots”. It is with these that we enter our work into art fairs. Many shows demand, or at least expect, new work for acceptance into the shows. For me I am working to create new necklaces. Many of my customers have been asking for them. So yes, part of a working artist’s work is designed due to customer demand. But we also have visions to create pieces that present challenges to us and for me that includes learning new skills. I am in the process of setting up a new studio. In my new, shining, white clean space I am going to create an entire body of work quite different than anything I have done in my past or have had at shows. Hint: not jewelry. I am eager, maybe anxious, but moving forward. I look forward to posting the new work here and I will look forward to hearing your thoughts. Have a wonderful holiday season. Peace.