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Winter Work

So what do artists do after the holiday shows are over? For most of us it is time to explore new ideas and to create new work. Most importantly, we create new pieces to have photographed by a professional who specifically does “jury shots”. It is with these that we enter our work into art […]

Dark Skies

Lots of folks I meet when I am out at art fairs ask “Where do you find leaves”. Well the simple answer is that I grow them in my gardens in my really-over-planted yard. Sometimes the conversation turns to hiking when I joke that some of my friends don’t like walking with me. It’s hard […]

Fall collecting

The weather is definitely on the down side of summer. I just cam back from a camping trip and I did engage in some leaf collecting while I was out walking. One of my favorite places in Indiana, Turkey Run State Park, is  beautiful in the fall. For those of you who have been collecting […]