Oak Branch


This beautiful sculpture is made from an oak branch with two leaves and an acorn which have been encased in copper. The patina on this sculpture has beautiful rose and yellow tones. This is a stunning sculpture and would look wonderful anywhere, bookshelf, cabinet or desk. The arch in the stem and the curves in the leaves really makes this piece stand out! I picked it up while hiking near where I live. Exceptionally nice piece.
The oak tree is one of the most loved trees in the world. I know I have planted a lot of them! It’s a symbol of strength, resistance and knowledge.

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This sculpture consists of two oak leaves on a branch with one acorn. Measurements on the leaves are: one is 2.25 inches wide by 4.5 inches, the other leaf is 2.25 inches wide by 5.5 inches in length. Large bur oak acorn is 1.25 inches diameter and 1.75 inches in length. The overall branch is 6 inched wide by 11.75 in length
This sculpture is a botanical specimen that has been electroformed (electroplated) in copper for several hours and was finished with several layers of handmade patinas and sealed to protect the finish